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Line 6 POD HD500X Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Line 6 POD HD500X ReviewLine 6’s POD HD500 used to be their pride and joy, but their flagship multi-FX pedal has now been superseded by a newer version, boasting improved DSP power and the expected set of well-modeled amplifiers and effects. But is the POD HD500X promising more than it can offer? Does it really take things much further than the older model? Ultimately, is it worth the sizable investment?

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Line 6 Amplifi FX100 Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Line 6 Amplifi FX100 ReviewIf you aren’t a seasoned multi-effects pedal user, some of the goliath, feature-heavy devices complete with vast arrays of footswitches and dials may seem a little off-putting. The manuals are dense and not always clearly written, and navigating your way through the menus to dial in your desired effects parameters, amp models and settings can seem more trouble than it’s worth. Plus, for those looking for a specific artist’s sound but without a detailed knowledge of how to go about creating those sounds, the results aren’t always particularly inspiring. For these types of players – not to mention people just looking for something fun and easy to use – Line 6 has the Amplifi FX100.

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Zoom G3/G3X Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Zoom G3/G3X ReviewZoom has since superseded the G3 and G3X with the new G5, but it doesn’t take much scrutiny of the specs to realize that many guitarists would consider saving a bit of money by buying the old pedal. Would you lose out on some functionality? Absolutely, but the question you need to ask yourself is, do you really need 140 effects, or is 100 still more than you know what to do with? Are you likely to fiddle with combinations of effects to actually manage to use nine simultaneously without hitting the DSP limit, or is the maximum of six (as found on the G3/G3X 2.0) enough? There may be a funky three-parameter expression pedal, some extra looping time and more footswitches, but since the G3 and G3X use the same effects processor as the G5, would a second-hand older pedal be an absolute bargain in comparison to the new flagship model?

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Boss GT-10 Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Boss GT-10 ReviewThe Boss GT-10 was once Boss’ flagship multi-effects unit. It has since been surpassed by the GT-100, but the original still has a veritable army of fans and you could easily pick one up second-hand at a reduced price. If the advanced bells and whistles of the GT-100 seem too much for you, the Boss GT-10 is a pretty legendary unit and still a respectable part of any guitarist’s set-up. With models based on classic amps throughout history and versions of all the major classes of effects, some players won’t need anything other than the GT-10.

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Digitech RP1000 Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Digitech RP1000 ReviewThe Digitech RP1000 is the beast of the RP bunch. Packing a massive fourteen footswitches in addition to an expression pedal, it has the most obvious potential for extensive live use out of any of the RP models. There are so many options for multi-effects units, though, and options like the Boss GT-100 and the Line 6 POD HD series combine amp modeling with multi-effects to offer a similar package. The Digitech RP-1000 is the most expensive unit in the entire range, so learning about the features and limitations of the pedal is essential before you make your decision.

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Digitech RP500 Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Digitech RP500 ReviewThe Digitech RP500 is the second-largest member of the RP series, making it a definite option for players looking for something to use as a gigging companion. Digitech’s smaller units generally fall a little short of being up to the task, but they get pretty much everything else right. The extra size looks set to be the RP500’s savior, allowing it to offer everything on the smaller units with the added bonus of genuine hands-free capabilities. But does it deliver?

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Digitech RP355 Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Digitech RP355 ReviewDigitech’s RP series of multi-effects pedals are the more traditional models they offer, without the technological trappings of their new iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard. Traditionalists know that a good multi-effects unit doesn’t need to incorporate an iPad to be user friendly, and in comparison to the new unit the RP models are considerably more affordable. The RP1000 might be the big dog of the pack, but the Digitech RP355 still has plenty to offer guitarists, with a total of 124 amps, cabinets, stompboxes and effects all packed into a sturdy, durable package.

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Boss ME-70 Multi-Effects Pedal Review

Boss ME-70 ReviewAlthough the GT series has basically taken Boss multi-effects, jacked them up on steroids and bundled enough effects under the hood for a lifetime of sonic exploration, the Boss ME-70 still has its benefits. As the larger sibling of the ME-25, it’s loaded with much of the same features, except that its increased size allows for greater hands-free control. It’s also different to the smaller model and the GT series because it essentially works as a collection of analogue pedals rather than a software-heavy digital system. This makes it very user-friendly, particularly for guitarists used to traditional multi-effects systems, and it’s relatively low price tag makes it an attractive option for gigging musicians.

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