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3Leaf Audio PWNZOR Optical Compressor Pedal Review

3Leaf Audio PWNZOR ReviewThe 3 Leaf Audio PWNZOR offers features in a compression stompbox normally only found in studio compressors. It includes controls for nearly every parameter imaginable, including input sensitivity, input gain, attack, release, compression ratio, and output gain. There is also an internal switch allowing users to choose between buffered and true bypass, as well as a ‘vintage’ switch on the pedal’s face. The bypass switch is actuated by a relay connected to a foot switch with very satisfying action.

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Fromel Electronics Velvet Vice Compressor Pedal Review

Fromel Electronics Velvet Vice Review John Fromel is a hometown hero for Seattle pedalheads. From his workshop in North Seattle he produces a line of high end stompboxes that feature beautiful and unique acid etched housings. The Fromel Electronics Velvet Vice is a unique compressor. John describes it as a compressor for people who hate compression. The Velvet Vice is designed to provide subtle, transparent compression and little else. Unlike most three knob compressors, it features a release control in place of an attack control.

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